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Getting Started 1: ReferralCandy Basics
Getting Started 1: ReferralCandy Basics
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Understand how ReferralCandy works and the options we provide to help you incentivize your customers and customize your referral program.

How ReferralCandy works

ReferralCandy makes it easy for you to run your referral program and reward your customers when they refer their friends and family.

Want to learn more? Look at what a typical referral journey looks like with ReferralCandy and see how your customers can enroll in your referral program. You can also watch our How ReferralCandy Works playlist on YouTube.

Integrating with your eCommerce Platform

There are several ways you can integrate your store with ReferralCandy. Here’s a list of platforms we support. Follow our setup guides to connect your store with us.

If you’re a Shopify merchant, it can be as simple as adding the app to your store. For other platforms, we have the following integration options so ReferralCandy can track your purchases and referrals:

Note: JavaScript and API Integration methods require programming experience.

Setting your rewards

With ReferralCandy, you can give out friend offers and referral rewards for successful purchases and referrals. Here are the different types of incentives you can give out to your Advocates and their Referred Friends:

You can fully customize these rewards and set your offer or reward type, amount, and expiration date. You can also set a minimum referred purchase amount, required number of referrals, and number of purchases a friend can make for Advocates to be eligible for a reward.

Worried about returns, cancellations or fraudulent referrals? Delete or disqualify referrals made before rewards get sent by enabling a Purchase Review Period.

Customizing your referral program

ReferralCandy takes care of sending out referral communications to your customers. You can personalize these to align with your branding and style.

Head over to part two to see what more you can do with ReferralCandy to optimize your referral program.

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