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Referral Reward Types

Different rewards you can give to your Advocates when they successfully refer

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ReferralCandy offers various ways for you to reward your Advocates when they successfully refer.

Not sure what reward to give? Read our Best Practices for Setting Up Referral Rewards blog to learn more.

Coupon Code Reward

When an Advocate becomes eligible for a referral reward after a successful referral, we will send them an email containing the coupon code. They can also see all the coupon code rewards they've earned from their Advocate Portal Rewards Page.

Shopify Merchants

For Shopify merchants, ReferralCandy will automatically generate coupon codes for you. You can choose if the discount is a fixed amount or a percentage off their purchase. The coupons generated are single-use coupon codes. How do I set up coupon rewards?

Learn how to create filtered views to better manage ReferralCandy coupon codes on your Shopify Discounts page here.

Other Platforms

For other platforms, coupon codes have to be generated and provided by you as the coupon codes may be tied into your store’s checkout process. You can choose to use either single-use or multi-use coupons. How to create coupon codes?

Single-use vs multi-use coupons

Single-use coupon codes

If you select Coupon as your Advocate Reward, you will give out single-use coupon codes by default. Any single-use coupon code that your store accepts during checkout can be used as a referral reward.

Each code that you upload will be given out only once as a reward. If you run out of single-use coupon codes, your campaign will be automatically stopped. You then need to upload more single-use coupon codes to your dashboard to be able to resume your campaign.

Multi-use coupon code

If select a multi-use coupon code, any multiple-use coupon code that your store accepts during checkout can be used as a referral reward.

See How to create coupon codes? for more information.

Cash Reward

A Cash reward can be any of the following types:

  • A fixed cash amount

  • A percentage of the Referred Friend's purchase

Make sure that the minimum purchase amount for a purchase to be rewardable is set above the cash reward amount to prevent yourself from being out of pocket from each referral. Delivery of the cash rewards is handled by the ReferralCandy app automatically through PayPal. Learn more

Shopify Merchants

If you're a Shopify merchant, you will be asked to add your credit card information as the payment method for the reward. We charge cash rewards to your credit card so they can be billed separately from your account plan, fees, and commissions.

Note: The currency shown for cash rewards should be the main currency of your referral program. Regardless of which currency you set, cash rewards will be always paid out in the USD equivalent amount via PayPal. Learn more

Custom Reward

Custom Reward is the most flexible reward type, but this will require you to fulfill the reward yourself. If you choose Custom reward, you can offer any reward to the Advocate such as merchandise, points, gift cards, and more.

Other ways to obtain information about referrals

Each time a referral is detected by ReferralCandy, an email will be sent to the Advocate to inform them of their eligibility for the reward. An email alert will also be sent to you to inform you of the referral so that you can process that information, store it in your database, and send out the reward manually yourself.

Other than the default email, there are three (3) other ways that you can obtain information about each referral:

  1. Referral Report - all the referrals are collated in the Referral Report accessible from your dashboard, you can simply poll this on a regular basis.

  2. Referrals method of the API - this method lets you query for referred purchases made over some period of time.

  3. Webhook - after providing us with a webhook URL, this method will send a payload of information every time a referred purchase is detected.

Note: Implementing an automated solution for the Custom Reward at scale will require technical experience.

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