What is the referral workflow?

We highly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the referral workflow, with it you’ll gain a fuller understanding of how the referral process comes together (Step-by-Step).

Before we cover the referral workflow, we’d like to clarify a few key terms:

  • Advocate - An individual who has been enrolled in your referral program

  • Referred Friend - An individual the system detected was referred by an advocate

In the referral workflow below, we’ll cover the typical referral journey an individual would partake in to join your referral program and successfully refer their friends.

The referral workflow

Alice = Advocate and Bob = Referred Friend

a) Alice is enrolled in your referral program after making a purchase from your store

b) Alice is now an advocate and receives a referral email from ReferralCandy with a unique referral link to share with friends

c) Alice shares her unique referral link with her friend Bob

d) Bob opens the referral link and is taken to a custom landing page that shows him a coupon code that he can use (optional)

e) Bob continues on to your website and completes a purchase, triggering a Javascript code snippet on the purchase confirmation page (i.e. the “Thank You” page after a successful purchase)

f) ReferralCandy detects the successful referral by Alice and she earns a referral reward (Sent to her via email, but also accessible via her rewards page).

g) Bob receives his own referral email containing his unique referral link to share with friends.

Note: This is a typical workflow that’s followed by most of our merchants, however, there may be slight variations in this workflow depending on your eCommerce platform. It’s also worth noting that there are multiple methods for an individual to enroll themselves in your referral program (where enabled: such as via signup, via purchase, via invitation).

Video breakdown of the referral workflow

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