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What is the referral workflow?

The referral workflow is the step-by-step process that participants in your referral program go through, from enrollment to sharing and earning rewards. There are two important roles in a referral process:

  • Advocate - An individual enrolled in your referral program

  • Referred Friend - An individual referred by an advocate

There are multiple ways for an individual to get enrolled in your referral program, such as via signup, purchase, or invitation. You may set this up in your store settings, and ReferralCandy will take care of managing your participants as they move through your referral program process.

The referral journey

Here's a workflow illustrating what steps an advocate and their referred friend take when they participate in a typical referral program.

Note: This is a typical workflow followed by most of our merchants. Depending on your eCommerce platform and your setup, there may be variations in the referral journey workflow.

ReferralCandy provides various ways for you to further customize your referral workflow and process, making it a unique and personalized experience for your customers and your store.

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Video breakdown of the referral workflow

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