Email Integration overview

The simplest way to connect your store with ReferralCandy using invoice emails

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Email Integration is the most commonly used integration method by our retailers and is designed to be easy to set up without technical expertise.

The exact steps needed to connect your eCommerce platform to ReferralCandy vary by platform. For the list of supported platforms and instructions on how to integrate, please refer to our Setup page.

Not sure if ReferralCandy will work on your platform? Check out the following links:

Setting up Email Integration

To integrate your store with ReferralCandy via Email Integration, you will need to carry out these 2 steps:

  1. BCC ReferralCandy on the invoice email that is sent out to customers once the purchase is completed.

  2. Insert a referral tracking code on the purchase completed page that your customer sees once they have completed a purchase on your site.

You may have to contact your eCommerce platform provider for additional guidance on how to perform the 2 steps above.

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