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Friend Offer Types

Different offers you can give out to Referred Friends

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Your Advocates can share the following incentives with their Referred Friends to encourage them to purchase at your store.

Coupon Reward

Shopify or BigCommerce

If you select Coupon, ReferralCandy will automatically generate the friend offer coupon code that the Advocate can share with their friends. You can choose a specific cash amount or a percentage off from their purchase. How do I set up coupon rewards?

Learn how to create filtered views to better manage ReferralCandy coupon codes on your Shopify Discounts page here.

Other Platforms

For other platforms, friend coupon codes have to be generated and provided by you as the coupon codes may be tied into your store’s checkout process. How to create coupon codes?

By default, the friend offer is a multi-use coupon code as the same code will be shown to all Referred Friends who see the referral information. Why isn't there an option for single-use coupon codes for the friend offer?

Limiting the use of the coupon code to new customers only and/or setting a minimum purchase amount for each coupon code to apply has to be done through your eCommerce platform.

Promo Link (Not available with Shopify)

The Promo link option allows you to provide customized offers for Referred Friends. Examples include cash, loyalty points, gift certificates, gifts, memberships, subscriptions, free shipping, or other custom incentives.

Important: Selecting the Promo option disables the ReferralCandy friend landing page for your campaign.

Use a URL that Advocates can share with their referred friends to access a landing page on your website. This page has to be set up and hosted by you. You can also set up the URL to link to your store to apply a discount code automatically when a referred friend reaches checkout. How to set up the promo link?

Common use cases for using the Promo Link

  • Automatically applying a discount during checkout when the Referred Friend visiting the landing page makes a purchase

  • Dynamically displaying a single-use-per-customer coupon code that can be used by the Referred Friend during checkout

  • Giving further instructions on the landing page on how the referred friend can redeem the friend offer (e.g. entering their email address, answering a simple question, etc.)

  • Showing a unique friend offer code per referral link so that all referred friends of a particular Advocate use the same friend offer code

  • Enabling mobile phone users to tap a button that activates the promo link to automatically apply a coupon code. Users need not copy and paste the coupon code which can be a cumbersome task on mobile devices. (For this to work, your eCommerce platform needs to support a link that automatically applies a discount at checkout.)

Whatever your use case is, ensure that the promo link and resulting landing page work in sync with your checkout process as ReferralCandy does not handle anything beyond providing the promo link.

No Offer

You can opt not to give out friend offers. If you choose No Offer, the friend landing page for your campaign will be disabled. Referred Friends will be redirected to the Store URL that you've set in your Store Settings.

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