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The Advocate Portal
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Each ReferralCandy account comes with an Advocate Portal hosted by ReferralCandy.

  • If a customer is enrolled as an Advocate, they can access the Share Page and Rewards Page by entering the email address they used when they purchased from your store or when they signed up.

  • If the customer is not yet enrolled as an Advocate and it's their first time using the portal, they may sign up to check if they're eligible to become an Advocate via the Join Page using their email address.

Running a customer-exclusive referral program? (or an exclusive affiliate program)

If you would like to disable signups and have your referral program run exclusively for customers only (or hand-picked affiliates), please contact us to have signups disabled.

To find your campaign portal, go to Campaigns > All Campaigns then select your campaign. Click Emails & Pages and find the portal link in the Promote your referral program section.

Note: Your referral campaign must be Live for the ReferralCandy Advocate Portal to appear. Learn more

Join Page

Any visitor to the portal, even those who are not yet enrolled in your referral program, can use the Join Page to sign up and access their personal Sharing Page using their email address.

You can embed this page to your store's site using the Embedded Signup Widget so website visitors can easily sign up as an Advocate and refer their friends to your store.

Share Page

Advocates can access their personal Share Page from the portal by entering their email address. From this page, they can share their referral link using social media sharing buttons. They can also click Copy Link to share their link manually.

Rewards Page

Advocates can go to their Rewards Page by clicking Your Rewards at the top of the page. This is where they can view all the rewards they earned. Learn more

๐Ÿ’ฌ Need help? Click the chat widget on the right to start a conversation. Learn more

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