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When will referral rewards be sent to an Advocate?
When will referral rewards be sent to an Advocate?

See conditions and reasons for delay that can affect Advocate reward

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There are a few reasons why your Advocate has not received their reward:

  • The Advocate's referred purchases did not meet the required conditions to be eligible for a reward.

  • Depending on the type of referral reward, there may be an additional delay.

Conditions to be rewardable

The following conditions must be met for the Advocate to receive a reward. You can see if the referred purchase is rewardable or non-rewardable in the Reward conditions check row of the Purchase Information page.

The row will display the conditions that were not met if the purchase is non-rewardable.

Text Displayed


This purchase exceeds the allowed number of rewardable friend purchases

The Advocate exceeded the maximum rewardable purchases they can make.

This purchase did not meet the minimum purchase amount

The purchase did not meet the minimum purchase amount required.

The purchase was refunded and is not eligible for rewards

The purchase was refunded, cancelled, or deleted. Learn more

The advocate is banned and cannot get rewards

The Advocate was banned and/or their purchase was disqualified. Learn more

The purchase was made while the campaign was paused

Advocates can't make new referrals when your campaign is paused.

Additional delay based on reward type

Coupon Code Reward

  • Coupon code rewards will be sent out immediately once the condition above has been met.

  • A reward email will be sent to Advocates to inform them of the reward. Advocates can then access the coupon code from their Rewards Page.

Cash Reward

  • Cash rewards will only be paid out after ReferralCandy has successfully billed you for the cost of the cash rewards due to your advocates. This happens monthly, together with your regular ReferralCandy monthly usage fees.

  • The following sequence of events will result in the cash reward being paid out:

    • ReferralCandy will first need to bill you for the cost of the cash rewards due to the advocates. Billing will happen once a month, together with your monthly usage fees.

    • Once you are successfully charged for the cost of the cash rewards, cash rewards due to the Advocates will be paid out via PayPal automatically (processing time within 1-3 days)

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