Referral rewards are delivered once the following conditions are met:

  • The advocate makes enough rewardable referred purchases to be eligible for a reward.

  • Depending on the type of referral reward, there may also be an additional delay:

A. For coupon referral rewards

  • Coupon rewards will be sent out immediately once the condition above has been met.

  • A reward email will be sent to advocates to inform them of the reward. Advocates can then access the (single-use or multiple-use) coupon code from their Rewards Page.

B. For cash rewards

  • Cash rewards will only be paid out after ReferralCandy has successfully billed you for the cost of the cash rewards due to your advocates.

  • The following sequence of events will result in the cash reward being paid out:

    • After the advocate has entered their PayPal email address*, ReferralCandy will bill you for the cost of the cash rewards due to the advocates. Billing will happen once a month, together with the monthly usage charges.

    • Once you are successfully charged for the cost of the cash rewards, those cash rewards due to the advocates (either via PayPal or a donation made on their behalf) will be paid out.


If the advocate does not enter his/her PayPal email address, you will not be charged for the cost of the cash reward due to that advocate.

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