Each ReferralCandy account comes with a variety of widgets that promote and boost the effectiveness of your referral program.

Widgets are optional so implement the ones which are useful to you. You can view these widgets live in our own official merchandising store! (To view the Post-purchase Popup, purchase our $0 ReferralCandy Digital Poster)

These are the different widgets we offer:

  1. Embedded Sharing Panel: A panel that can be embedded on any page in your store. Customers will be able to sign up or log into your referral program there. After logging in, advocates can share their referral link as well as view any rewards they may have.

  2. Referral Widget: A widget that can be embedded on your home page (or any page you choose) that shows a popup widget in the corner of the page. This allows individuals to click through to the ReferralCandy Portal Access Page where they can sign up for your referral program, enrolling them as advocates.

  3. Post-Purchase Popup: A popup that appears immediately after customers make a purchase and checkout. Customers will be asked if they want to sign up and join your referral program. After successfully submitting their details, customers will be enrolled into your referral program and can start referring friends.

Using segments as your target audience? Anyone who signs up via widgets gets automatically enrolled into your referral program even if they don’t meet the segment criteria. Learn more here.

Note: Using these widgets will require some additional technical experience to set them up and not all eCommerce platforms will be able to support them.

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