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Campaign States
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You can create multiple campaigns in your ReferralCandy dashboard with different target audiences, themes, and rewards. The campaign states below reflect the key differences between each state.

Campaign states

You can check your campaign states by going to Campaigns > All Campaigns. New campaigns you create begin as Stopped which you can freely edit and set up. Your customers do not see or interact with stopped campaigns.

Actions /





Campaign enrollment


(if enabled)

✅ Reward emails for referred purchases made prior to pausing

❌ All other emails


(if enabled)


⚠️ Pages will show a notice that the campaign is paused


✅ Rewards from referred purchases made prior to pausing are still processed normally

⚠️ Rewards from referred purchases made after pausing are marked as non-rewardable (but can still be commission-chargeable)

❄️ Existing and new referred purchases will have their review periods frozen. Rewards processing will continue once the campaign is set to Live

Campaign stopped by the system

We will also automatically stop any Live campaigns when:

  • The friend coupon code expires

  • Single-use coupon codes have run out

  • Your account is suspended. Learn more

For Shopify merchants:

  • A selected Shopify collection was deleted from the store

  • Recharge, Bold, or PayWhirl integration errored or disconnected

To re-activate a campaign stopped by the system, you must fix the rewards or store issues listed above. If you are having issues re-activating a stopped campaign, please contact us.

Important: Campaign states do not affect your account state or billing. Even if you are not running any active campaigns, you will still be billed if your account state is Active.

Changing the state of your campaign

To change campaign state, go to Campaigns > All Campaigns and select the campaign you want to update. At the top right of the page, click Campaign Actions.

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