This guide will help walk you through how to enable/disable and set intervals for all the core emails that are sent to your customers through ReferralCandy. You can find these settings here on your dashboard.

By default, all emails are set to 'Enabled' and to their 'Recommended' setting. Take note that once the referral program is set to Active, these emails will be queued and sent after every purchase a customer makes at your store.

Send Emails To

  • Setting this to 'All Customers' will ensure that every customer that makes a purchase from your store is enrolled in the referral program.

  • While setting it to 'Only customers who have opted-in' will limit enrollment into the referral program strictly to those who have opted in to receive marketing emails.

Note: The “Send emails to” section is only available to Shopify and BigCommerce users. For more information w/ regards to Shopify Opt-ins please visit this page.

Post Purchase Emails

  • The Post Purchase Emails are potentially the most important element when it comes to bringing in referral sales. We highly recommend that these emails be sent immediately as we’ve seen that the longer you wait to send this email, the less likely your customers are to refer their friends.

  • If you’re just starting out and you’re looking to test the referral program first without emailing your customers automatically, you can set the Post Purchase Emails to 'Disabled', and then activate the referral program.

  • If you decide to use Klaviyo for your referral outreach emails, Post Purchase Emails can be disabled so that you can centralize emails through Klaviyo exclusively.

Reminder Emails

  • The Reminder Emails will be sent to your customers at a specified interval (recommended interval is 2 weeks).

  • You have the option to stop sending Reminder Emails after a specific amount of them have already been sent.

  • If you choose 'Never stop sending', you don't have to worry about Reminder Emails being too "spammy" (we hate spam too!). They run on an adaptive system that spaces out their delivery if we detect that your customers are not interacting with them, eventually stopping altogether. Your customers can also choose to unsubscribe at any point.

  • For more details, check out this article.

Post Signup form emails

  • Post-signup form emails are referral emails sent to customers after they signup via the Join Page. The email includes the same content they get from post-purchase emails.

  • You have the option to disable this email if you do not wish for customers to get it after signup, or if you wish to send this via Klaviyo

Reward Notification Emails

  • Pending, Successful, and Ineligible Reward Emails are all enabled by default as this helps keep your advocates updated about the status of their referrals.

  • You have the option to disable these email notifications to stop ReferralCandy from sending them on your behalf. However, we recommend setting up an email flow in Klaviyo to trigger these emails from being sent before disabling them on ReferralCandy.

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