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Klaviyo: Setting up your email flows
Klaviyo: Setting up your email flows

Insert ReferralCandy custom properties into your Klaviyo email flows

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This article will serve as a guide to help you incorporate ReferralCandy into your Klaviyo flows. We’ve prepared three (3) guides for you to base your flows from:

We also understand that you may have your own existing flows that you may prefer to incorporate referral outreach into in your own way. However, we still recommend reviewing these guides to get a good overview of how we recommend going about incorporating the ReferralCandy custom properties into a Klaviyo email template and flow.

Inserting a custom property into your email flow

Note: We're using the default campaign short code FREN here as an example. Please use the short code you've set for your active campaign when using custom properties for your Klaviyo flows. Learn more

Go to your flow and edit the email you wish to send to your customers who signed up for your referral program via ReferralCandy.

  1. Find the email and click the three-dot menu. Select Edit.

  2. Click Edit Email and select the block where you want to insert the custom property.

  3. Click Add personalization to add custom properties to your email content. ReferralCandy custom properties begin with "RC" and your referral program short code. Example: RC FREN

    We don't recommend manually typing custom properties as this is prone to errors.

  4. Once done, click Save Content.

Click Preview & test on the left-hand side panel to see a sample. You will be asked to select a recent event to preview with. Select an event that happened after you connected Klaviyo. These events have been loaded to work.

Here's a preview of the email with a custom property:

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