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Deleting a purchase and disqualifying a referral
Deleting a purchase and disqualifying a referral

Manage referrals for canceled, returned, or ineligible referred purchases

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You can delete and/or disqualify referred purchases when an order is canceled, refunded, or deemed ineligible.

Important: You must first set a purchase review period during which referred purchases can be reviewed for disqualification or deletion.

Managing referred purchases

Shopify and BigCommerce

If you're on Shopify or BigCommerce, we're able to automatically detect when an order is:

  • Canceled and refunded before being fulfilled

  • Fully refunded but not canceled before being fulfilled

  • Partially refunded but not canceled before being fulfilled

  • Fully refunded after being fulfilled

  • Partially refunded after being fulfilled

ReferralCandy will automatically detect the five (5) scenarios above and process them appropriately. ReferralCandy will modify the order amount accordingly but leave the order intact.

What if a customer returns an item after the review period?

You need to set a purchase review period within the range of your store’s return policy to ensure that our system can automatically cancel a referred purchase.

If for example you set a review period of 7 days, but an item is returned 14 days later, our system will not cancel that purchase as it has already lapsed the set 7-day review period.

A full refund after being fulfilled would result in us retaining the purchase, but reducing the value of the purchase to $0, which would typically push the item below the minimum purchase amount for eligibility.

Other platforms

You must first set a purchase review period during which referred purchases can be disqualified or deleted. Otherwise referred purchases are immediately marked as valid and commission will be charged if applicable once the review period has passed.

Delete a

referred purchase

Disqualify a

referred purchase

Ban an


When should I do this?

When a referred purchase has been canceled or returned

When you believe a referral made by an Advocate is fraud. You want to disqualify this referral but still let the Advocate participate in your referral program

When you believe an Advocate to be engaging in many fraudulent activities.

What happens when I do this?

Only this referred purchase will be canceled

All referred purchases between this Referred Friend <> Advocate pair will also be disqualified

The Advocate can no longer participate in your referral program. Learn more

Delete or disqualify a referred purchase

  1. On your ReferralCandy dashboard, go to My Store and click Purchases & Referrals.

  2. Search for the referred purchase that you want to flag as invalid using the search bar.

  3. Select the purchase and click Review then select View This Purchase.

  4. Here you will see the Purchase Information where you can:

    1. Delete a referred purchase. Click Delete purchase if you wish to delete the purchase made by the Referred Friend.

    2. Disqualify a referral. Click Disqualify This Referral if you wish to disqualify the referral made by the Advocate. You should only disqualify if:

      • You suspect the referral is fraudulent. How to handle fraud?

      • The referral is invalid (e.g.: accidentally made by a call center)

      Note: After the referral is disqualified, all purchases made by the Referred Friend via the Advocate's referral link are no longer tagged as referred by that Advocate.

  5. The Advocate will receive the ineligible reward email if they were originally eligible for that referred purchase.

What happens when the purchase review is over?

Referred purchases can only be deleted or disqualified during the purchase review period. After the referred purchase review period has ended, you will not be able to make these actions.

  • If you still wish to delete the purchase or disqualify the referral, our engineers can help you do this in our backend system please contact us

  • Please note that we will not be able to recall any rewards that have already been issued

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