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Inviting past customers to join your referral program
Inviting past customers to join your referral program

Manually add customers or import customer lists from Mailchimp or CSV file

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The Import Contacts feature allows you to invite past customers so you can manually enroll them as Advocates in your referral campaign.

Using Klaviyo? This article includes steps on how to invite customers to your referral program using ReferralCandy. If you wish to send the invite via Klaviyo, follow this article instead.

Step 1: Choose a segment

Before importing, you must first select a segment for the contacts. Segments let you target or exclude a list of customers in your campaigns.

On the dashboard, go to Contacts > Import. Select a segment or create a new one.

Note: All contacts must be imported to a static segment. By default, all contacts (manually imported or not) will be part of the prebuilt All Customers segment. To learn more about segments, read this article.

Step 2: Upload or import contacts

Click the Add Contacts dropdown and select the method you want to use. Note that you can use multiple methods together when importing.

Import From Mailchimp

This lets you import a list from Mailchimp. If you have not connected your Mailchimp account to ReferralCandy, you will be asked to log in to Mailchimp first.

Select Import From Mailchimp and check the list(s) you wish to add to your referral program. Then, click Add List.

Upload A CSV

This allows you to upload a list of customers from a file. Select Upload a CSV and click the Add CSV file button to upload or drag the file to the box.

Once the file is uploaded, click Add Customers. The CSV file should have the following column headers:

  • first_name or First Name

  • last_name or Last Name

  • email or Email

  • locale (optional)

If you're using multiple languages, use locale to make sure customers receive the email in the correct language. Download a sample CSV file here.

Add A Customer By Email

This is a great way to invite individual customers to your referral program. This can also be used to send test emails to your email address.

Click Add Customer By Email and fill out the pop-up form.

Review your contacts. You can delete an imported contact or list by clicking the trash bin icon under Actions.

Once you are good with your contacts, click Import.

A popup message will appear with information on how you can enroll your imported contacts in your campaign. Click Next to proceed.

The system may take some time to add the contacts to your list. Monitor your list of existing contacts on the Contacts > Manage page.

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