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Klaviyo: ReferralCandy custom properties
Klaviyo: ReferralCandy custom properties

ReferralCandy events and custom properties you can use in your Klaviyo flows

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The Klaviyo integration lets you push information about your referral campaigns and contacts from ReferralCandy to your Klaviyo account. Use the ReferralCandy custom properties and events to build your flows in Klaviyo.

Custom properties

Below is a list of ReferralCandy custom properties you can use in Klaviyo.

Note: The default campaign short code FREN is used here as an example. Use the short code you've set for your campaign when using custom properties.

Where to find your short code

To find your short code, go to Campaigns > All Campaigns. Select your campaign and click Campaign Settings.

Profile custom properties

The custom properties below show profile information about your contacts.

Custom Property


Sample Value

RC FREN - Name

The contact's name provided upon self-signup.


RC FREN - Portal link

The contact's sharing page.

RC FREN - Referral Link

The contact's referral link.

RC FREN - Referred purchase accumulated

Total number of approved rewardable referred purchases accumulated by the contact.


RC FREN - Referred purchase needed for next reward

Total number of approved referred purchases needed for the contact to be qualified for the next reward.


Timestamp custom properties

The custom properties below show timestamp information based on actions done to a profile. These custom properties are intended for debugging or admin purposes. The value is in the Unix format (ex: "1660724560").

  • RC FREN - Banned at

  • RC FREN - Deleted at

  • RC FREN - Enrolled at

  • RC FREN - Unenrolled at

  • RC FREN - Unsubscribed at

  • RC FREN - Updated at

Events and triggers

These are the events that you can use to trigger targeted email flows. You can use these events together with custom properties to create a variety of targeted emails for different purposes.

When any of the events are triggered, all ReferralCandy custom properties are updated for the customer profile.

ReferralCandy Event


RC - Enrolled

When a contact meets the campaign's segment criteria and becomes enrolled in your referral campaign.

RC - Unenrolled

When a contact, who was previously enrolled in your referral campaign, doesn't meet the segment criteria anymore and becomes unenrolled.

RC - Registered via form

When a contact, who is never enrolled in the referral campaign, signs up via a form, such as:

  • Post-purchase popup*

  • Referral extension*

  • Referral widget

  • Join page

  • Embedded signup form

*If signups are enabled

RC - Waitlisted

When a contact, who was never enrolled in the referral campaign, doesn't meet the segment criteria of your campaign after signup. Learn more

RC - Purchase referred by profile detected

When a referred purchase is made.

RC - Purchase referred by profile made ineligible

When a referred purchase is flagged as ineligible.

RC - Reward earned

When a contact successfully earns a reward.

RC - Subscribed to campaign emails

When a contact is subscribed to the campaign emails, allowing you to send out campaign emails to them.

RC - Unsubscribed from campaign emails

When a contact has unsubscribed from receiving campaign emails.

RC - Banned from ReferralCandy

When you ban a contact in your ReferralCandy account.

RC - Removed from ReferralCandy

When you delete a contact from your ReferralCandy account.

Note: If you integrated Klaviyo with ReferralCandy before March 5, 2024, you'll still receive the following legacy events:

  • RC - Enrolled via post purchase - Triggered when a purchase is made.

  • RC - Enrolled via signup form - Triggered when a new signup is detected.

  • RC - Enrolled via invitation - Triggered when a new customer is enrolled via the Import Contacts page.

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