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Klaviyo: ReferralCandy custom properties
Klaviyo: ReferralCandy custom properties

ReferralCandy events and custom properties you can use in your Klaviyo flows

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Klaviyo integration lets you use ReferralCandy custom properties to push information from ReferralCandy to your Klaviyo flows. Different events in ReferralCandy will update custom properties and metrics in Klaviyo.

Custom properties

Below you can find a list of ReferralCandy custom properties you can use in Klaviyo.

Note: We're using the default campaign short code FREN here as an example. Please use the short code you've set for your active campaign when using custom properties for your Klaviyo flows.

Where to find your short code

To find your short code, go to Campaigns then click All Campaigns. Select your active campaign and find your campaign short code.

Custom Property


Sample Value

RC FREN - Portal link

Advocate's Sharing Page

RC FREN - Referral Link

Advocate's referral link

RC FREN - Referred purchase accumulated

Total no. of approved rewardable referred purchases accumulated by the Advocate


RC FREN - Referred purchase needed for next reward

Total no. of approved referred purchases needed for Advocate to be qualified for the next reward


Show timestamp custom properties

The custom properties below show timestamp information based on profile actions. These custom properties are intended for debugging or admin purposes:

Events and triggers

These are events that you can use to trigger targeted email flows. You can also use these events together with custom properties to create an awesome variety of targeted emails.

Show events and triggers

Note: When any of the events are triggered, all ReferralCandy custom properties will be updated for that specific customer profile.

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