This function will allow you to ban an advocate from your referral program. A banned advocate will not be able to participate in your referral program.

Why ban an advocate?

Ultimately the decision to ban an advocate will fall upon your discretion (merchant). Here are a few of the most common reasons advocates are banned:

  • They breached the Terms and Conditions of your referral program

    • They posted their referral link or code on coupon and discount sites (‘Honey’, ‘RetailMeNot’, etc) and your terms don’t allow that

    • They referred themselves to get rewards

How and where to ban an advocate?

  1. From the navigation menu, head to Manage Customers > Existing Customers or use this quick LINK

  2. At the top of that page, you’ll find the search bar as highlighted below

3. After searching and pulling up the advocate you’re looking to ban, select More Actions and you’ll see the button Ban Customer:

4. After selecting the ban button, you’ll then be shown a popup similar to the screenshot below. This is a confirmation that will highlight the exact consequences of banning the advocate.

What is the effect of banning an advocate?



Referral Link

Disabled - Any new referrals will no longer be linked to the advocate.

Additionally, anyone who opens the link of a banned advocate will be redirected to your provided store URL.


Disabled - The banned advocate will not receive any automated emails (i.e. referral and reward emails).


All referred purchases still within their review period will be automatically disqualified. The rewards will not be sent to the advocate.

Advocate rewards for referred purchases that are past their review period will need to be handled manually.

  • If you offer coupon rewards, you may choose to disqualify coupons already distributed from your eCommerce platform

  • If you offer cash rewards that have not been paid out yet, you may contact us at <>

** If you are using Shopify, or BigCommerce, the advocate reward coupon codes and friend offer coupon codes will be automatically disabled.

Commissions paid to ReferralCandy

Referrals within the review period will be disqualified, so you will not have to pay commissions for those referrals.

Additionally, you will not have to pay commissions for any 2nd and 3rd referred purchases that we would have otherwise charged. They will be marked as ‘commission not chargeable’.


After banning an advocate, you will see the changes on the advocate’s profile in ReferralCandy.

For example:

  • Banned (by you)

  • Referral link disabled (due to ban)

  • Code disabled on [platform]**

This will provide you with a useful log of changes from the ban.

** Automatic code disabling is currently only supported on the following platforms: Shopify, and BigCommerce.

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