This article will serve as a guide to help you incorporate ReferralCandy into your Klaviyo flows. We’ve created 3 distinct sections for you to base your flows from:

We also understand that you may have your own existing flows that you may prefer to incorporate referral outreach into in your own way. However, we still recommend reviewing this guide to get a good overview of how we recommend going about incorporating the ReferralCandy custom properties into a Klaviyo email template (and flow).

How to insert a custom property into your email flow:

1. Log in to Klaviyo and go to Flows. Set up the trigger conditions and time delay for the post-purchase email. Protip! We recommend setting up a time delay of at least 10 minutes to ensure that the information stored in the customer properties is already updated.

2. Once inside the flow, look for the email you wish to edit. Click on the meatball icon and choose Edit

3. Click on Edit Email and select the block where you wish to insert the custom property.

4. Click on Insert Property and select the ReferralCandy Custom Property you wish to choose. Since the whole name of the custom property is not displayed, we recommend hovering your mouse over each item on the list to ensure that you are selecting the correct custom property. We don't recommend manually typing custom properties as this is prone to errors.

Once done, click on Save Content.

5. To preview the email, click on Preview on the left-hand side panel. You will be asked to select a recent event to preview with. Make sure that you select an event that happened AFTER you connected Klaviyo as the ones that happened before connecting your store will not have the required information on their profile for the custom properties to work.

In the example below, you'll now have a very simple referral out reach email that leads your customers to a page where they can find their referral link and social media sharing options.

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