Viewing and Exporting Reports

Referral data, reports and summaries you can see about your referral program

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ReferralCandy automatically tracks email and social media sharing, and gives detailed analytics about your campaign.

Stats & Overview

On the Stats & Overview page, you can see an overview of your referral program's performance.

Referral Revenue

ReferralCandy tracks your Referral Sales and displays them in the Referrals and Referral Revenue charts:

Top Advocates

From the Analytics overview, you can also view lists for the "Top 100 Most Influential" Advocates (who have shared with the most friends), and the "Top Referrers" (who have brought you the most referral purchases) for the time period.

Referral Report

On the Referral Report page, you are able to view reports for a defined time period on social media shares, referral email views and clicks, sales & revenue, and referred purchases that occurred between two dates.

You can export this information via PDF or CSV, and it will be sent to your Login Email address found in your Store Settings.

Activity Summary

  • Referral emails sent - The number of referral emails sent to Advocates in your campaign during the time period. If 2 referral emails are sent to the same email address, this is counted as 2 referral emails sent. This includes all referral emails sent to Advocates (post-purchase referral emails, referral emails sent via the Email Past Customers tool, reminder emails, or when your customers' signup up via your portal join page).

  • Referral email views - The number of times that referral emails were viewed during the time period. If someone views a referral email twice, this is counted as 2 referral email views. If an Advocate views the referral email and forwards it to 5 friends who view the forwarded email, this counts as 6 views.

  • Referral link clicks (Unique)- The number of unique persons that clicked referral links shared by Advocates during the time period. A person clicking the link two times will count as 1 referral link click.

  • Website visits (Unique) - The number of unique persons that go on to your store after clicking the referral link (either by clicking the button on the friend landing page or by getting redirected automatically). A person going on to your store two times will count as 1 website visit.

  • Purchases by referred customers (Unique) - The number of purchases made by customers who were referred by Advocates (i.e. referred friends).

    Note: This number does not include referred purchases that are marked as invalid or canceled.


The number of social media shares (Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, WhatsApp) by Advocates during the time period. An Advocate sharing on a social media site (e.g.: Facebook) site twice during the time period will be counted as 2 shares.

Excluding $0 purchases

If you want to filter out $0 referred purchases in your report, tick the Exclude $0 purchases checkbox and click the Refresh button. This will exclude $0 purchases from the data on your Referral Report page and exported referral reports.

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