Before Starting:

This article is for the post-purchase popup that works with Email Integration or API integration. If you are using Javascript Integration, check out this article: Javascript Integration with Post-Purchase Popup.

Make sure that your store provides you with dynamic checkout variables, which are required for this widget to work.

What is a Post-Purchase Popup?

The Post-purchase Popup is a popup that appears immediately after customers make a purchase and checkout. Customers will be asked if they want to sign up and join your referral program. After successfully submitting their details, customers will be enrolled into your referral program and can start referring friends.

Using segments as your target audience? Anyone who signs up via widgets gets automatically enrolled into your referral program even if they don’t meet the segment criteria. Learn more here.

To enable the Post-Purchase Popup after Email Integration:

  1. Go to your Widgets page.

  2. Go to the "Post-Purchase Popup" section.

  3. In the section, click the arrow in the "Add Code Snippet" row.

  4. Click "Copy" in the box that drops down after the arrow is clicked.

  5. Edit the data-attributes* in the HTML/Javascript snippet to include dynamic checkout variables for the customer. (The snippet is pre-filled with dummy values and you need to replace them with the dynamic checkout variables)

  6. Insert the updated snippet into the purchase completed page just before the HTML </body> tag. For some platforms, there may be a box for you to insert scripts that you want to run on the "Thank You" or purchase completed page of the checkout process

Note: Your referral campaign must be active in order for the Post-Purchase Popup to appear.

Obtain Consent to Marketing Emails

You should always obtain consent from your customers before enrolling them in your referral program. We recommend including a form input, unchecked by default, that says "I consent to receive notifications about your referral program".

If your customer consented to receiving updates on the referral program, your customer will receive a referral email after purchase regardless of how they interact with the post-purchase popup.

If your customer did not consent to receiving updates on the referral program, your customer will only receive a referral email if they clicked on "Share Invite Link" in the Post-Purchase Popup

To prevent customers who have not consented to receive marketing emails from being subscribed to emails about your referral program, please contact ReferralCandy support to enable this feature. As part of this process, you will require a developer to set the data field 'data-accepts-marketing' in the Post-Purchase Popup HTML snippet.

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