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Using segments in your campaign
Using segments in your campaign
Create segments to target specific customer groups who can enroll in your referral program
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ReferralCandy lets you filter your customers into segments to design referral rewards that resonate with their preferences. For example, you could create a segment of loyal users and send them bigger rewards.

Note: This applies only for new merchants who haven’t activated their programs yet. Coming soon for existing merchants who have already activated!

What is segmentation?

A segment is a group of your users defined by rules or filters that you set:

  • Segments are dynamic - Users who match the filters now and anyone who matches the filter in the future will be automatically enrolled/unenrolled.

  • Segments limit your target audience - Before you activate your program, you have the choice to choose between: (a) target all Advocates and (b) target by segment. If you choose (b), this limits your referral program to your segment. (✨Upcoming release: multiple campaigns. You’ll soon be able to run a segmented campaign alongside your existing referral program).

  • Segmented campaigns are optional - Your existing campaign setup remains unaffected if you do not want to use segments at all.

How does this impact your Advocates?

The table below outlines all the effects of enrollment to the referral program.

  • Enrolled - Meets segment rules

  • Unenrolled - Does not meet segment rules



Referral link

Valid link to refer friends

Invalid link that no longer works

Emails sent

Sent automatically by default:

  • Invite email

  • Reminder email

  • Reward emails

Sent automatically by default:

  • Reward emails (unenrollment does not affect rewardable purchases that were made already)

Email subscription

Subscribed by default

Subscribed by default (Advocates may still need to be notified of eligible rewards OR future campaigns you may launch)


Same as campaign settings

  • No new rewards generated

  • Only approved and pending rewards prior to unenrollment will be sent

Using a segment in your campaign

  1. Select Target by Segments and click Create New Segment.

  2. Create a segment name and customize your rules (segment criteria). Click Save Changes to create your segment.

    • Note that the created segment won’t take immediate effect until you’ve confirmed the changes in the next screen, so feel to play around until you’re happy with the conditions.

  3. Your segment is created! Click Save Changes to confirm your changes.

  4. Click Confirm to successfully tie your segment to your referral program.

  5. Done! Activate your referral program if you haven’t already. If your program is activated, the enrollment changes will take effect immediately.

What’s next?

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