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JavaScript Integration with Post-Purchase Popup
JavaScript Integration with Post-Purchase Popup

Show the Post-Purchase Popup widget after checkout with JavaScript Integration

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This article is for the Post-Purchase Popup that works with JavaScript Integration. If you are using Email Integration follow our Showing a Post-Purchase Popup to customers article.

JavaScript Integration with Post-Purchase Popup

  1. Go to your campaign's Widgets page.

  2. In the Post-Purchase Popup section, choose to show your customer's unique referral link immediately upon purchase or after signup. Learn more

  3. Click Save Changes.

  4. Follow the steps outlined in the JavaScript Integration article.

  5. Check the box that says "Show post-purchase widget after checkout" under JavaScript Integration on your ReferralCandy Integration page.

  6. That's it!

The Post Purchase Popup should look like this:

Obtain Consent to Marketing Emails

You should always obtain consent from your customers before enrolling them into your referral program. We recommend including a form input, unchecked by default, that says "I consent to receiving notifications about your referral program."

By default, ReferralCandy entrusts you to obtain marketing consent from your customers, and all your customers who see the Post-Purchase Popup will be subscribed to marketing emails.

To prevent customers who have not consented to marketing from being subscribed to emails about your referral program, please contact ReferralCandy support to enable this feature. As part of this process, you will require a developer to set the data field 'data-accepts-marketing' in the Post-Purchase Popup HTML snippet.

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