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JavaScript Integration with post-purchase popup
JavaScript Integration with post-purchase popup

Show the Post-Purchase Popup widget after checkout with JavaScript Integration

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The JavaScript integration allows you to show the post-purchase popup widget to your customer at checkout. If you are using email integration, read the article Showing a post-purchase popup to customers.

JavaScript integration with post-purchase popup

To enable the post-purchase popup widget:

  1. On the dashboard, go to Integrations > Standalone.

  2. From the dropdown, select which campaign the widget is enabled for.

To configure the post-purchase popup for your campaign:

  1. On the dashboard, go to Campaigns > All Campaigns > Select your campaign.

  2. Go to Widgets.

  3. Toggle the Post-Purchase Popup widget on.

  4. Check Allow signup/waitlist for unqualified customers. Learn more

  5. Click Save Changes.

The post-purchase popup should look like this:

To learn more about customizing the content and messaging of the post-purchase popup widget, read the article Customizing your referral emails & pages.

Obtain consent to receive marketing emails

You should always obtain consent from your customers before enrolling them in your referral program. We recommend including a form input, unchecked by default, that says "I consent to receive notifications about your referral program."

  • If your customer consents to receiving emails, they will receive a referral email after purchase regardless of how they interact with the post-purchase popup.

  • If your customer does not consent to receiving emails, your customer will only receive a referral email if they click the "Share Invite Link" button in the post-purchase popup.

To prevent customers who do not consent from receiving marketing emails about your referral program, contact support to enable this feature. This requires a developer to set the data field data-accepts-marketing in the post-purchase popup HTML snippet.

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