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Embedding the Post-Purchase Popup widget on Cratejoy
Embedding the Post-Purchase Popup widget on Cratejoy

Add the Post-Purchase Popup widget to your CrateJoy store

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This article outlines the steps needed to install the Post-Purchase Popup widget specifically on the Cratejoy platform. Please ensure that you've integrated ReferralCandy properly before inserting the Post-Purchase Popup.

Embedding the Post-Purchase Popup widget

  1. On your ReferralCandy dashboard, go to Campaigns and click All Campaigns.

  2. Find your active campaign and go to the Widgets page.

  3. Find the Post-Purchase Popup section and choose to show your customer's unique referral link immediately upon purchase or after signup. Learn more

  4. Click Save Changes.

  5. Copy the code snippet.

  6. Go to your Cratejoy dashboard and go to the Design tab.

  7. Click Code. You may wish to make a copy of your theme before editing the code.

  8. Navigate to components > customer > thank_you > Customer Thank You Content > component.html.

  9. Paste the copied code after the Integration code </script>.

  10. Replace the following with:

    • data-fname=”John” with
      data-fname={{ order.customer.first_name }}

    • data-lname=”Smith” with
      data-lname={{ order.customer.last_name }}

    • data-email=”......” with
      data-email={{ }}

Testing the Post-Purchase Popup widget

To test whether the widget is working:

  1. Make a purchase at your store.

  2. On the Thank You page, a popup should appear. The referral link in the popup should be generated based on the first and last name that you used during checkout (e.g.:

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