How to Create Coupon Codes
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Generating coupon codes depends on the eCommerce platform you're on.

  • For Shopify and BigCommerce stores, coupon codes are auto-generated

  • For other platforms, you will have to create the coupon codes yourself in your platform's admin panel

Shopify and BigCommerce stores

If you are on either Shopify or BigCommerce, then setting up coupon codes is super easy because they allow ReferralCandy to integrate directly with their platform to automatically create coupon codes for use in your referral program.

To set up, go to your Campaign and then select Rewards. Choose Coupon Reward and set your coupon reward preferences for Advocates and Referred Friends.

That’s it, you’re all set! Unique and single-use coupon codes will be created automatically for each Advocate. You can view and track coupons from your store's eCommerce admin panel.

Learn how to create filtered views to better manage ReferralCandy coupon codes on your Shopify Discounts page here.

Other eCommerce platforms

In general, you will need to create coupon codes in your store platform, and then upload them into ReferralCandy for use in the referral program.

Here are some helpful articles from other eCommerce platforms:

Once coupons are generated, go to your Rewards page and upload the coupon codes generated from your store platform.

Advocate Reward Coupons

You have the option to upload single-use or multi-use coupon codes for your Advocates to use.

  1. Go to your Campaign, and then select Rewards.

  2. Go to the Advocate Reward section.

  3. Under Coupon type, select Single Use or Multi Use

    • For single-use coupons, you may paste the codes or upload a CSV file

    • For a multi-use coupon, you may input the code and add a coupon expiry date

  4. Click Save Reward.

Friend Coupon Codes

Generate a multi-use coupon code in your store platform and upload it to ReferralCandy for Referred Friends to use in your store.

  1. Go to your Campaign, and then select Rewards.

  2. Go to the Friend Reward section.

  3. Input the multi-use coupon code and set the coupon expiry date

  4. Click Save Reward.

Note: At the moment, ReferralCandy only supports multi-use coupon codes for the Friend Offer. Read here to find out why.

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