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Setting a minimum purchase amount for reward eligibility
Setting a minimum purchase amount for reward eligibility

Set a minimum purchase amount to count toward a referral reward for an Advocate

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You have the ability to set a minimum purchase amount to determine which purchases count towards rewards for the Advocate.

Tips for setting a minimum purchase amount:

  • Set the minimum purchase amount to be as low as possible so it's easier for your Advocates to make referrals and earn rewards, thus building positive referral momentum.

  • If you're offering a cash reward, set the minimum purchase amount above the cash reward amount to prevent yourself from being out of pocket from each referral.

Important: (Shopify merchants) When a referred purchase is fully refunded, ReferralCandy doesn't delete the purchase and only modifies its amount to $0. We recommend that you set your minimum spend to at least $1 to avoid sending out rewards for refunded purchases.

Changing the minimum purchase amount

  1. On the dashboard, go to Campaigns > All Campaigns > Select your campaign.

  2. Go to Rewards then click the Reward Settings tab.

  3. In the Minimum spending for reward eligibility field, enter an amount.

    Note: This is exclusive of taxes, shipping fees, and the discount amount applied to the referred friend's purchase.

  4. Set the number of Referrals required for advocate reward. Then, select an option under Reward advocate for friend's field.

  5. Click Save Changes.

Note: You can change the currency that the minimum purchase amount is based on. Learn more

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