How does the free trial work?

ReferralCandy is totally free for 30 days. At the end of the 30 days, charges for the next month will be billed (regardless of campaign state).

This date is highlighted to you when you enter your credit card details in the billing step. e.g.

If you cancel your account before that date you won't be charged any base fees, commission, or add-on fees. Otherwise, base fees for the coming month are billed on that date and in subsequent months. Commissions and add-on fees are billed one month after that date and in subsequent months.

Alternatively, you can also find this date by going to the Billing page to find out the last day of your invoice cycle.

Here's a more detailed example

If you've completed the sign-up for a ReferralCandy account on 2nd Jan at 11 am (i.e. after you've entered your credit card details), the month-long risk-free trial will last from 2nd Jan at 11 am to 2nd Feb at 10:59 am.

So If you:

  1. Cancel your account during the free trial (anytime from 2nd Jan at 11 am to 2nd Feb at 10:59 am). 

    You will NOT be charged any base fees or commission as you have canceled your account during the risk-free trial.

  2. Continue with your account after the free trial has ended (2nd Feb 11:00 am onwards)

    On 2nd Feb at 11 am, you will be charged the base fee for your second month (usage from 2nd Feb at 11 am to 2nd Mar at 11 am). 

    On 2nd Mar at 11 am, you will be charged the commission and add-on fees of your second month (from 2nd Feb at 11 am to 2nd Mar at 11 am), and the base fee of your third month (from 2nd Mar at 11 am to 2nd Apr at 11 am). 

    Monthly charges will be billed subsequently every 2nd of the month (based on this example only). Your own monthly billing will be based on the time/date of when your free trial starts.

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