Why haven't I received my Referral Reward yet after referring a friend who has made a purchase?

There are a couple of potential reasons why you may have not yet received your referral reward even though the friend you referred has made a purchase at the store.

Potential ReasonExplanation
1. Your friend did not click your referral link before making a purchase.If your referral link is not clicked, no referral will be attributed to you.
2. Your friend clicked someone else's referral link before clicking your referral link to make a purchase.The referral is attributed to the 1st referral link clicked before a purchase is made.
3. Your friend completed the purchase using a different device and browser from the one used to click your referral link.Referral tracking is cookie based and is dependent on the friend completing the purchase in the same browser that was also used to click the referral link.
4. Your friend's purchase is below the minimum amount to be considered for a reward.A retailer may set a minimum purchase amount for a referred purchase to be considered rewardable and is often communicated as part of the referral program.
Please check with the retailer directly for details.
5. The minimum number of referred purchases required for a referral reward have not yet been met.You will have received a "Reward Pending" email.
This minimum number is determined by the retailer and is often communicated as part of the referral program.
Please check with the retailer directly for details.
6. The Referred Purchase Review Period still in effectYou will have received a "Reward Pending" email.
During this period (which varies from retailer to retailer), the retailer may have disqualified the referral or deleted the purchase (e.g. if fraud is discovered or if the purchase is returned).
 After this period, referral rewards earned become eligible to be sent out. 
7. You have not yet selected your cash reward preference and entered your PayPal email address (cash referral rewards only)After a successful referred purchase has been made using your referral link, you will be sent an email to select your reward preference and enter your PayPal email address.
 Please follow the instructions in the email. 

*If you haven't setup a PayPal account yet, please do so first at
8. We haven't collected the reward amount from the retailer yet (cash referral rewards only)ReferralCandy pays out cash referral rewards to advocates on behalf of the retailer only after we have collected the amount from the retailer.
Since invoicing happens once a month, there may be up to a month's delay before you receive your cash reward (depending on when we invoice the retailer).

Once these above conditions are met, you will receive a "Successful Reward" email and your referral reward. 

NOTE: PayPal restrictions regarding Cash Rewards

1. PayPal regulations prevent us from sending money to PayPal accounts that are categorized as Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs). Advocates should ideally set up a Personal PayPal account to receive the rewards. 
2. PayPal regulations prevent us from sending money to 
PayPal accounts in Russia, Ukraine or Turkey so please ensure that your account is set up outside of these countries to be able to receive your rewards.

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