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✨Multi-campaign 101
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This is a consolidated list of all the things you need to know about multi-campaign.

▶️ Set more campaigns live

With multi-campaign, you can now set more than one campaign live in one ReferralCandy account. For example, if you have a main referral campaign that rewards Advocates with a lifetime spend of at least $100, you can also launch—simultaneously—a seasonal referral campaign that goes with your Independence Day sale. Learn more about campaign states.

👤 Choose your target audience

You can customize the target segments for each of your campaigns for different purposes. For example, one campaign targets customers who have a lifetime spend greater than $50. Another targets affiliates that you manually enroll in your campaign. And a third campaign targets customers who signed up using a widget. The possibilities are endless! Learn more about segments and campaign enrollment.

🔗 Campaign-specific links

When you're running multiple campaigns, URLs such as referral links and the links to your join and share pages are specific to each campaign with the use of the Campaign URL. The links still share your store's unique subdomain and the Advocate's username for referral links. For example, if you have 2 campaigns with campaign1 and campaign2 as the campaign URLs:

  • Referral links if user alice is enrolled in both:



  • Join page links:



🌐 Campaign's default language

You can set a default language for each campaign if you have multiple languages enabled. If a customer has an unsupported or undetected locale, the emails and pages are shown in the default language you set for your campaign. Learn more about setting a default language.

🤔 Have questions? Read the Multi-campaign FAQ page to learn more.

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