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Customizing your referral program’s unique subdomain
Customizing your referral program’s unique subdomain

Edit the subdomain of your Advocate's unique referral link

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A referral link is a link that is given out to each customer who is invited to participate in your referral program.

ReferralCandy generates unique referral links for each Advocate which they can share through their Sharing Page. With unique links, our app is able to detect when your Advocates share the links through email or social networking sites.

A unique referral link looks like this:

  • The first part of the referral link (i.e. is derived from your account's Store URL. The subdomain (i.e. yourstore) can be edited.

  • The last part of the link (i.e johnsmith) is derived automatically from the customer's name. The customer may choose to update this from their Rewards Page at any time.

Customizing the subdomain of the referral link

  1. On your ReferralCandy dashboard, go to My Store then click Store Settings.

  2. In the Referral Program Unique Subdomain field, enter the subdomain that you would like to use for your referral program.

  3. Click Save Changes.

Important: Changing your subdomain mid-campaign will render all previously set referral links invalid. We highly encourage that you modify this setting once upon ReferralCandy account setup only.

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