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Enabling multiple languages for your referral program
Enabling multiple languages for your referral program

Set multi-language emails and pages for your campaign

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If your store supports multiple languages, you’ll be glad to know that you have the option to run your referral program in multiple languages using our app.

Important Note: Before you start, make sure that:

  • You have a developer in your team who can help you with the multiple languages integration

  • Your store has multiple languages activated

  • You are not on the Autopilot theme as this theme only works in English at this time

How to enable multiple languages in your ReferralCandy dashboard

  1. On the left-hand panel of your ReferralCandy dashboard go to your Campaign and select Languages.

  2. Under Multi-languages select additional languages to add other languages that your store supports:

  3. Once you are done selecting all the languages for your store, click Save Changes.

Note: Adding languages will not automatically translate all your emails and pages to the languages you selected. You have to manually translate your emails and pages in Emails & Pages (see steps below).

Adding translations in Emails & Pages

  1. On the left-hand panel of the dashboard go to your Campaign and select Emails & Pages.

  2. Find your currently selected theme and click Edit.

  3. Click the Content tab. This tab will enable you to edit core referral emails that your customers receive.

  4. Click Edit All Text at the bottom left of the page to see and edit all email templates available for your referral program.

  5. Select the language you previously added in the Language dropdown options.

  6. Edit the email templates you wish to send out to your customers in the language you intend to use. Once done, don't forget to click Save.

Check language integration with your store

Each customer will be tagged with a language when they visit your store. For a multiple-language referral program to work properly, your store needs to have the same language active. You can set your store language options from your store's admin dashboard settings.

Depending on your store integration type (Email Integration, JavaScript Integration, or API Integration), check that multiple languages are syncing well between the store and ReferralCandy.

To learn more about using multiple languages in your referral program, check out the following articles:

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