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Your ReferralCandy account can be either Suspended or Active. As a general rule of thumb, your account will only be suspended when there’s a significant error that requires your attention.

Account states


Key things that happen during this state


Everything is working as expected:

  • Customers are able to join your campaign

  • Advocates are able to refer friends

  • Active campaigns are working, including:

    • Referral emails and widgets you enabled

    • Your friend offer landing page

  • Referrals are tracked and rewarded

  • Commission is being charged


  • Live campaigns are automatically stopped:

    • Referred purchases are frozen

    • Emails, widgets and landing pages are disabled

    • Referral emails won’t be sent

  • Draft and stopped campaigns are not affected and remain as is.

  • Referral detection stops:

    • Advocates won’t be able to refer, those purchases won’t be marked as referred.

    • Referred purchases made prior to the account being suspended and are still within the review period will be frozen

  • Billing is paused until your account is re-activated.

Reasons for suspension

Your account is automatically suspended when:

  • Your payment was unsuccessful (we’ll try to charge you five times - if all attempts are unsuccessful, your account will then be suspended)

  • You uninstalled ReferralCandy

  • You delete your ReferralCandy account

For Shopify merchants:

  • When there’s an error with your Shopify store integration

  • Your Shopify store is deactivated

  • Your Shopify store is frozen

In rare instances, we may also manually suspend your account. Possible reasons include an ongoing charge dispute or we’re fixing a technical problem. A success manager will reach out before your account is suspended.

Account re-activation

You can only re-activate your account after the reason for suspension has been resolved. Please follow the on-screen instructions to set your account back to Active. If you are experiencing issues with re-activation, please contact us.

  • When your account state reverts back to Active, campaigns will remain stopped until you manually re-activate them.

  • Billing is paused while your account is suspended and will resume once your account state reverts back to Active.

Note: In some instances, once your account is unsuspended and billing resumes, you will be billed for charges incurred while your account was suspended. A success manager will inform you about your billing before your account is suspended.

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