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For Advocates: How do I refer friends using ReferralCandy?
For Advocates: How do I refer friends using ReferralCandy?
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A referral program is an exciting way for you to earn discounts coupons, cash or free gifts by referring friends and family over to stores that you love. You can start participating in your favorite brand’s referral program by just following a few simple steps.

Once you are enrolled as an Advocate, you will have access to your very own Share Page where you can view and share your referral link.

Sharing your referral link

Now that you have your referral link, how can you share it with your friends and family? There are a number of ways to do it:

Share it using other platforms by clicking the Copy Link button

You don’t need to highlight the whole link and right-click to copy your referral link. Simply click Copy Link and it will automatically be copied and ready to be pasted into whatever platform you choose. You can share it with your friends via SMS, email or other sharing platforms you have access to.

Share it via your social media accounts

You can easily share your referral link via Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter, or Telegram using the buttons you see at the bottom of your Share Page. You will see a preview before posting so you can customize the message before you share it on your socials.

Another way is to share your links via Instagram, TikTok, or Youtube. Simply paste your link into your bio (for Instagram and TikTok) or paste it on the description box of any content you are sharing. (Pro tip: You can use Linktree to paste multiple links in your bio, click here to find out more)

When do I start getting rewards?

Your friends need to click on your referral link and complete a purchase on the retailer’s store for you to get the reward.

Some stores also set conditions (i.e. review period, number of referred purchases, minimum purchase amount) before you become eligible for the referral reward.

If you are subscribed to receive emails about the referral program, you will receive an email confirming that your friend completed a purchase using your link and that you will receive your reward shortly. You can also visit the rewards page to view any earned referral rewards.

If one of your friends made a purchase using your link but you did not get the reward, check this article for possible reasons why you did not receive a reward yet or contact the retailer so they can check this for you.

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