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Can I use ReferralCandy as an affiliate program?
Can I use ReferralCandy as an affiliate program?
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Yes, ReferralCandy has all the basic features you need to run an affiliate program successfully.

While the documentation throughout our website is geared toward referral programs, it can just as easily be applied to affiliate programs. You can consider the "Advocate" as the "Affiliate".

Note: You need to create a separate ReferralCandy account if you are planning to run an affiliate program alongside your customer referral program. Find out more about Running multiple campaigns in one store.

The mechanism remains the same:

  1. The retailer allows affiliates to register for their affiliate program through the ReferralCandy Portal. Retailers can also opt-in to make the program exclusive by disabling sign-ups and inviting select customers to the program.

  2. ReferralCandy provides a referral link for the affiliate to display on their website.

  3. The retailer offers a reward to the affiliate for sending customers via the referral link who make purchases at the retailer's website.

  4. ReferralCandy detects the purchase by the customer via the referral link and automatically rewards the affiliate on behalf of the retailer.

Affiliate Programs vs. Typical Referral Programs

Some key differences in the feature settings between typical referral programs and affiliate programs include:

Post Purchase Invite Email

  • Sending post-purchase invite emails is disabled for affiliate programs. This is to make sure that only customers who you intend to invite to your referral program can join.

  • You can invite prospective affiliates by using the Invite Customer feature or by adding a link to the Join Page on your affiliate program page.

Referral Reward

  • Most merchants would choose to reward cash to eligible affiliates. Find out how cash rewards are paid out.

  • You can opt-in to offer a discount to customers referred by your affiliate via a coupon code or not to offer any reward.

  • Once they sign up, affiliates will have access to the Advocate Portal, where they can track all active, pending, and expired rewards they earned from referring customers to your store.

Planning to start an affiliate program for your store? Find out How to Start an Affiliate Marketing Program for Your Ecommerce Brand Today!

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