Note: This applies to Klaviyo users and if you want to offer different referral rewards to different group of customers.

You can use segments in ReferralCandy to offer different referral rewards to different groups of people (e.g. $100 for VIP and their friends, $1000 for VVIP and their friends), whereas Klaviyo segments focus on sending different emails or SMS communication to different groups of people. When used together, they give you flexibility to run a targeted campaign.

What you’ll be able to do:

  • Choose to target segment in ReferralCandy

  • Activate Klaviyo integration if you haven’t already

  • Customers who meet ReferralCandy’s segment criteria appear in Klaviyo as Klaviyo profiles

  • You can further segment these profiles based on their referral activities and customise your email communication throughout various touchpoints

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