With Klaviyo V2, it is now possible to invite customers from both your Klaviyo lists and segments to your referral program.

Before proceeding, ensure that Klaviyo is properly integrated into your ReferralCandy account. If you haven’t done so already, find out how to complete this process here.

Step 1 - Set up your email flows and email templates in Klaviyo

Use the RC - Enrolled via invitation metric as the flow trigger when setting up your referral program invite flow. You can check this article for a sample flow we created for your reference.

You can also use ReferralCandy custom properties in your invite email template. Read more about ReferralCandy custom properties and how to use them.

Step 2 - Export your contacts from List and Segments

Export a copy of your contacts from the Klaviyo list and segments you wish to invite and download them in CSV format using the steps here.

The CSV file should follow the following format:

  • Column 1 should be first_name or First Name

  • Column 2 should be last_name or Last Name

  • Column 3 should be email or Email

  • Column 4 should be locale (optional)*

Step 3 - Import contacts to ReferralCandy using the Invite Customer feature

  1. Using the Invite Customers tab, upload the CSV file exported from Klaviyo.

2. Once the file is uploaded, click on Add Customers. This process may take time depending on the number of contacts you are adding. Once done, you will see the number of customers added from the file name you uploaded.

3. Proceed to the Add contacts to ReferralCandy section of the page. Make sure that the box next to the Send an invite email from ReferralCandy box is unticked. Proceed by clicking on Import without invite button

4. You will get a pop-up message confirming that contacts will be added to ReferralCandy and that you are using your own method of sending them an email invitation. Confirm your action by clicking on Add to ReferralCandy.

Adding your contacts may take a while depending on the number of contacts you imported. You can refresh the page to check the progress.

Once done, all added customers are going to be included in your Existing Customers list. They will have a unique referral link generated for them.

In Klaviyo, you will see that their profiles page would also register the RC-Enrolled via invitation event under Metrics, which will trigger the flow you created and send the email to the customers you invited.

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