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Integration: Using ReferralCandy with Klaviyo
Integration: Using ReferralCandy with Klaviyo
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Klaviyo is a cloud-based email marketing platform. It allows for the efficient targeting, personalization, monitoring, and optimization of marketing campaigns.

Klaviyo V2 has been redesigned to pass information directly to Klaviyo from ReferralCandy and keep that information stored at the Klaviyo customer profile level. This makes it possible for you to connect ReferralCandy with your Klaviyo account so you can better execute your referral program and email marketing efforts.

Integrating ReferralCandy with Klaviyo

  1. On your ReferralCandy dashboard, go to Integrations and click Klaviyo.

  2. Click "Get my API Key." This will redirect you to your Klaviyo account's API Keys settings. If you're not signed in, enter your credentials to proceed.

  3. Click Create Private API Key. This is the API key that we will use to connect your Klaviyo account with ReferralCandy.

  4. Name your Private API Key (e.g.: "ReferralCandy") and select Custom Key. Set the following required scope access levels:

  5. Click Create. Klaviyo will confirm that the private key has been created.

  6. Click Copy Key.

  7. Go back to your ReferralCandy's Klaviyo Integration page and paste the key in the Private API Key text field.

  8. Click Connect. You will see the following popup message letting you know how the integration will affect your Klaviyo account:

  9. Click Continue to complete the integration.

You will get a confirmation message that Klaviyo is now connected with your ReferralCandy account. If the integration was successful, you should see a Klaviyo profile created with the email address ""

Note: After you've set up the email flows and templates on Klaviyo, you can turn off the ReferralCandy emails that you intend to send from Klaviyo. You can find all the emails sent by ReferralCandy on this page: Email Settings

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