This feature will help you adhere to cookie compliance laws set by such standards as GDPR and CCPA. With this feature enabled it will allow you to obtain consent from your customers for the use of our cookies.

ReferralCandy makes use of cookies to help with a few different key aspects of your referral program. We’ve listed them out in the link below for full transparency:


The feature is super easy to activate! Simply head to the widgets page on your dashboard, or use this link and scroll to the ‘Cookie Consent’ section:

To activate just move the slider to the right, when it’s indicated as ‘green’ like in the picture above, you’re all set!


When referred customers open one of your advocate’s unique referral links, they should see this banner along the bottom of the ‘Friend Offer Landing Page’:

Note: If you have NOT chosen ‘Coupon’ as your Friend Offer, your customers will not reach this page.

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