Refer to the following checklist below:



Program Status

  1. Is your referral program "Active"?

Referral Tracking Code

Go to the Integration pageof the dashboard

  1. Have you inserted the correct Tracking Code from the Integration page?

  2. Have you inserted the Tracking Code on the purchase confirmation page of your store's checkout flow?

  3. Has a purchase been made that triggered this Tracking Code when the purchase confirmation page loaded?

Invoice Email

All received invoice emails can be found at the Invoice History section of your dashboard.
It can take up to 24 hours for the ReferralCandy system to process the first invoice email, after which all invoice emails will be processed in real time if there is no change to the email format or layout.

  1. Have you forwarded / BCC'ed your invoice emails to the correct email address found on your Integration page?

  2. Does your Invoice Email contain all the required information to run your referral program?

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