How to unsubscribe an Advocate

Stop an Advocate from receiving email communications about your referral program

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Unsubscribing an Advocate

  1. On the dashboard, go to Contacts > Manage

  2. In the search box, enter the name or email address of the Advocate

  3. Find the advocate from the populated list

  4. Click Unsubscribe on the far right to quickly unsubscribe the advocate

Subscribed Vs. Unsubscribed

In the chart below, we've highlighted which emails advocates will and won't receive depending on whether they are subscribed or unsubscribed.

Note: Whether an advocate is subscribed or unsubscribed has no bearing on whether an advocate can participate in your referral program. If you wish to ban an Advocate from referring and earning rewards, please refer to our How to ban an Advocate article.



Referral emails (If enabled)

  • Invite

  • Post-purchase

Reminder emails (If enabled)

Reward emails (if enabled)

  • Success

  • Pending

  • Ineligible

Account-related emails

  • Verification / re-verification

  • Reset password

  • Manage preferences

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