How to unsubscribe an Advocate

Stop an Advocate from receiving email communications about your referral program

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Through the ReferralCandy dashboard, you are able to unsubscribe an Advocate from getting email communications related to your referral program.

An Advocate who is unsubscribed will not receive any emails (including reminder and rewards-related emails) from ReferralCandy regarding your referral program. However, they will still be eligible to earn referral rewards, and be able to log in to their Portal Rewards Page to invite friends and view their rewards.

If you wish to ban an Advocate from referring and earning rewards, please refer to our How to ban an Advocate article.

Unsubscribing an Advocate

  1. On ReferralCandy, go to Manage Customers and click Existing Customers.

  2. In the search box, enter the name or email address of the customer you'd like to unsubscribe.

  3. Once you found the customer, click on their contact to see their information.

  4. Click More Actions and select Unsubscribe Customer.

  5. Once the button is clicked, the page will reload and a grey 'Unsubscribed' tag will appear beside the Advocate's email address.

    Once done, the customer will no longer receive emails related to your referral program.

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