When do I need to add the referral tracking code to my store?

If you choose to connect your store using Email integration and API integration, adding the referral tracking code is one of the two necessary steps.

For Email integration, the other step is to Forward / BCC ReferralCandy on the Invoice Email.
For API integration, the other step is to Forward purchases using ReferralCandy API

Why do I need to add a referral tracking code to the purchase completed page?

The tracking code helps ReferralCandy detect successful referrals from your store.

Which page do I add the referral tracking code on and where?

It should be added to the page that customers go to right after they complete payment for their purchase at your store.

This is sometimes called the 'thank you' page. You should insert the code just before the HTML </body> tag on that page.

Here's an example of the 'thank you' page or the purchase completed page:

Where do I find my referral tracking code to add?

You can find your referral tracking code on the integrations page of your ReferralCandy dashboard.
When you choose your connection type as Email or API, under the second step "Add ReferralCandy to your online store", you will find the referral tracking code.

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