Email Integration using image tracking

Use an image tracking pixel instead of a tracking code if you can't use a JavaScript tag

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If your store platform does not allow you to insert a JavaScript tag on your purchase complete page, you can insert an image tag instead.

Note: This article only applies to standalone eCommerce platforms using Email Integration as the connection type.

Inserting an image tracking pixel

  1. On your ReferralCandy dashboard, go to Integrations and click Standalone.

  2. Under Email Integration, go to the "Add ReferralCandy to your online store" section. Find your unique tracking id which is located in the third line of the JavaScript code snippet.

  3. Create an image tag by inserting the unique tracking id into the string below.

  4. Insert the image tag as HTML code anywhere within the body of your purchase complete page.

  5. Save your changes.

Note: Use http instead of https in the image tag if your store's purchase completed page is served with http.

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