Forwarding or BCCing your invoice emails to ReferralCandy is one of two steps required as part of the Email Integration to integrate ReferralCandy into your store. The other is to Add a referral tracking code.

Do you need to forward / BCC all of your invoice emails to ReferralCandy?

Yes, the ReferralCandy system sorts through all the purchases and helps you figure out which purchases came from referrals and which ones did not.

If you wanted to only send us those invoices that came from referrals, then you would somehow already know which purchases are the result of referrals, and therefore would not need to use ReferralCandy.

What email address should you forward / BCC your invoice emails to?

Invoices should be sent to your unique ReferralCandy email address, which can be found on the Integration page of your ReferralCandy dashboard, in the box titled "1. Forward purchases to ReferralCandy".

What information needs to be present in the invoice emails that are forwarded / BCCed?

Go to your store's admin panel and look for your customer invoice settings.

Make sure that the invoices you forward or BCC to ReferralCandy, which will be displayed on the Invoice History page of your ReferralCandy dashboard, contain the following information (in no particular order):

  1. First name of the customer

  2. Last name of the customer

  3. Email address of the customer (this should be in the email body or the ‘To’ field)

  4. Total invoice amount and 3 Letter Currency Code

  5. * Time (including minutes and seconds) when the customer views the purchase completed / "Thank you" page where the referral tracking code was inserted

  6. ** Preferred language of the customer

  7. *** Whether the customer consented to marketing (optional)

* If you're sending invoice emails to ReferralCandy immediately when the customer views the purchase completed "Thank you" page where the Referral tracking code was inserted (e.g. if you BCC ReferralCandy in the email you send your customer), item 5 is optional.

** If you are running a referral program in multiple languages, item 6 is required.

*** If you only want to enroll customers who have consented to marketing in the referral program, you need to let us know whether they have consented. You can do this by adding text such as "Marketing consent: false" or "Marketing consent: true" in the email. If the marketing consent is set to false, the customer will be unsubscribed and banned from the referral program.

Why do you need to forward / BCC your invoice emails to ReferralCandy?

ReferralCandy needs to receive your invoice emails for the following reasons:

  1. Determine which of the purchases were a result of referrals. To do this, ReferralCandy first needs information about all purchases/orders, so that the referral detection mechanism can run to determine which purchases were referred by an advocate.

  2. Determine if referred purchases are fraudulent (i.e. The system prevents people who have made a purchase before from being flagged as referrals, only new customers will be flagged as referrals). To do this, the app needs to get information on all customers that make a purchase.

  3. Send post-purchase emails on your behalf to your customers to invite them to your referral program.

Once ReferralCandy receives and processes the invoice email, the new customer is added to your campaign and appears on your ReferralCandy dashboard as an advocate.

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