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The referral extension is a Shopify-only feature, and only Shopify merchants with checkout extensibility enabled will be able to use this feature.

This feature enables Shopify merchants to easily embed the referral extension on the Thank you page of their Shopify checkout. Please see the example below:

Adding the Referral Extension to your checkout page

For the most up-to-date article on adding and placing the checkout extension via the Shopify dashboard, follow this Shopify guide.

Toggling the Referral Extension's behavior

The referral extension has two settings to choose from:

For a more seamless and automated customer experience, we highly recommend showing the referral link immediately for most referral campaigns.

Highlighted below is a side-by-side comparison of what you can expect both settings to yield. Notice that in the first screenshot, the customer immediately gets their referral link as they are not required to manually provide signup information.

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