You can embed a referral widget on your website’s front page (or any page you prefer!) so website visitors can easily sign up as an advocate and start referring friends to your store.

The widget (shown in the example below) pops up into a sign-up page when clicked, and you have the option to embed it in the bottom right or bottom left corner of your store’s website.

Note: Your referral program must be in active status for the referral widget to appear.

How to embed the referral widget on your website.

Before you proceed, please take note that:

  • You may need a developer to assist you with this process

  • Your platform must allow the insertion of an HTML/JavaScript snippet

  • Steps may vary depending on the store platform you are using.

How to get the code snippet for the Referral Widget

  1. On the left-hand side of the dashboard, click on Referral Program and chose Widgets

  2. Scroll down and hover over to the Referral Widget section

  3. Copy the code snippet by clicking the Copy button on the bottom right of the page

How to insert the referral widget code snippet on your store’s platform (Shopify)

  1. In the Shopify Admin page, go to Online Store and click on Themes

  2. Click Actions on the Current Theme section and select Edit Code.

  3. Under Layout, select theme.liquid and paste the code snippet at the bottom of page.

  4. Click on Save on the top right corner of the page.

  5. Access your store’s site and confirm that the referral widget is now displayed.

How to switch the widget's position on your page?

By default, the widget will be located at the lower right-hand side of the page where it is inserted. It is possible to move this to the lower left-hand side of the page by specifying the value of the data-location attribute to "left".

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