Remarketing with Facebook Pixel to people who see your referral offer

Increase ROI of your Facebook Ads by retargeting the leads your customers are already bringing you

ReferralCandy provides an extremely easy way to build an advertising audience of highly engaged leads on Facebook through your referral program.

These are people who have been referred by your customers, expressed interest in your store by clicking a link to claim the offer, but for whatever reason did not complete checkout at your store.

Find Your Facebook Pixel

Follow these instructions from Facebook to create your Facebook Pixel.

Find your Pixel ID under the name of your pixel:

How to add Facebook Tracking Pixel to your friend landing page

The friend landing page is where referred friends claim your referral program's offer, before they are redirected to your store. ReferralCandy will automatically add the Facebook Tracking Pixel to this page so you may build an audience on Facebook.

Simply paste your Facebook Pixel ID in the designated field on your ReferralCandy Marketing Analytics page:

Create a Facebook Custom Audience

You’ll want to create a new Facebook Audience using Website Traffic to your newly created Pixel. 

Remember to exclude users who have already made a purchase successfully on your store from the retargeting ads.

Once your audience is populated, you’ll be able to run ads to retarget your referral program leads on Facebook.

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