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Integration: Remarketing with Google Ads
Integration: Remarketing with Google Ads

Increase the ROI of your Google Ads by retargeting the leads your customers are already bringing you

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ReferralCandy provides an extremely easy way to build an advertising audience of highly engaged leads on Google Ads through your referral program. These are people who have been referred by your advocates, and expressed interest in your store by clicking a link to claim the offer, but for whatever reason did not complete a purchase at your store.

Integrating Google Ads with ReferralCandy

The friend landing page is where referred friends claim your referral program's offer, before they are redirected to your store. ReferralCandy will automatically add the Google Ad script tag to this page so you may build an audience on Google Ads.

  1. On your Google Ads dashboard, go to Tools and click Audience Manager.

  2. Under Audience Sources, click Edit source.

  3. In the Tag setup section, select "Install The Tag" Yourself.

  4. Find your Google Ads Property ID in this part of the script tag:

  5. On your ReferralCandy account, go to Integrations and click Ads & Retargeting.

  6. Paste the Property ID in text field under the "Google Ads" section.

  7. Click Save Changes.

That's it! You'll now be able to build an audience in Google Ads comprising friends referred by your customers.

You can build this audience by restricting it to Website Visitors who have visited URLs starting with For more information, read the instructions on building a remarketing list on Google Ads Help.

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