Setting the number of Rewardable Referred Purchases (referrals) to trigger a reward

You are able to decide how many rewardable referred purchase* an advocate will have to make before he/she is eligible for a reward. For example, if you set this to 3 rewardable referred purchases, an advocate will have to refer friends who make 3 rewardable referred purchases at your store in order to be eligible for 1 reward. 

*Note: See entry on 'Rewardable Referred Purchase' in the glossary. 

Note: If you choose to give a percentage of the friend's purchases, that cash reward will be calculated based on the total of all rewardable referred purchases used to qualify for that reward.

To change this setting: 

  1. Go to your Referral Rewards page.
  2. Go to the box with the title "Conditions for reward".
  3. In the item "Reward your advocate for every...", click the "[Edit]" link.
  4. Enter the number of referred purchases an advocate must make in order to receive a reward, and click save.

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