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Integration: Using ReferralCandy with Recharge (Recharge Checkout on Shopify)
Integration: Using ReferralCandy with Recharge (Recharge Checkout on Shopify)
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ReferralCandy and Recharge are excited to team up to provide you with a referral solution that works for your recurring subscription charges.

Depending on your store's Recharge checkout platform, ReferralCandy has two (2) different integrations available that have different sets of advantages and limitations.

  • This article is specific to the Recharge Checkout on Shopify platform type

  • If you're on the Shopify Checkout Integration platform, please see this article

Connecting ReferralCandy to Recharge

  1. Make sure that ReferralCandy and Recharge are installed on your Shopify store and that you are logged in on both platforms.

  2. On your ReferralCandy dashboard, go to Integrations and click Payments.

  3. Click Recharge. A popup message will appear. Click Connect to proceed. If you are not logged in to Shopify and Recharge yet, you will be prompted to log in.

  4. You will be taken to a confirmation screen. Click Install to proceed.

  5. A popup message will prompt you to select how you want to run your referral program. Select one and click Connect. What's the difference?

  6. On the Recharge dashboard, tick the checkbox to allow customers to apply a coupon (discount) to an existing subscription.

    Once connected, your ReferralCandy Payments Integration page will show that Recharge has been connected.

  7. Go to your campaign and click Rewards on the left-hand side of the dashboard to configure your reward settings. Save the changes.

Congratulations, you've successfully launched your referral program for subscriptions!

What's the difference?

If you want to run the referral program exclusively for subscription products, choose 'Run on Recharge only'. The Advocate coupon reward will auto-apply on your customers' queued subscription charges.

Run on Recharge and Shopify

Run on Recharge only

Coupons work on

either checkouts

Coupons work on

Recharge checkout only

Advocate can choose to apply their coupon reward to their subscription or a new purchase

Advocate coupon reward automatically queued to their future subscription charge

How will your customers receive their coupon rewards?

For 'Run on Recharge and Shopify'

  1. When new customers are referred by Advocates of the referral program, they will receive a coupon code from the ReferralCandy friend landing page. They can then copy the coupon code (FRIEND-XXXXX) and paste it on either:

    • the one-time order checkout; or

    • the subscription order checkout

  2. After making a successful referral, the Advocate will receive a reward email with a unique coupon code inside. They can copy the code and paste it on either:

    • the one-time order checkout; or

    • a new subscription purchase; or

    • the existing subscription page in their Customer Account

Note: Rewards cannot be configured to have a minimum purchase amount. Doing so would make the rewards unusable in the customer's existing subscriptions page. See Recharge's Discount FAQ.

For 'Run on Recharge only'

The Advocate will receive a reward email with the code inside. This code will be automatically applied to queued charges on their subscription. Learn more about auto-apply here.

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