This guide is intended to provide advocates with instructions on how to customize their unique referral link.

What is a unique referral link?

A referral link is a link that all advocates are provided with after having been enrolled in a referral program. By default, the link comes personalized based on either your first and last name or the first part of your email address.

For example, if the name and email address were:

Your default unique referral link will likely be along the lines of: http://storename.refr.cc/johnsmith

Why customize your unique referral link?

There are many reasons to customize your unique referral, here are a few that might fit your use case:

  • You don’t want to expose your first and/or last name when sharing your unique referral link publicly

  • You purchased under a different name and would like to correct it

How to customize your unique referral link?

The easiest way to navigate to where you can customize your unique referral link is from the referral email that was sent to you. You’ll need to open the link within that email that takes you to your ‘Sharing Page’ (the page you grab your unique referral link from).

Step 1: Find your Referral Email and open the link:

In the example below the button is indicated as ‘Get Invite Link’ but the text can vary from merchant to merchant, however, the functionality is the same.

Step 2: Opening that link will bring you to your ‘Share Page” (where you would normally grab your unique referral link). From here, look at the top right of the screen where you can find and click on the ‘Your Rewards’ button. Please see the example below:

Step 3: If you’re opening this link for the first time, you’ll be prompted to ‘Set a Password’ (and verify your email address), otherwise you’ll be prompted to enter in the password you previously set. Not to worry if you forgot, simply follow the steps on the ‘Forgot Password?’ link indicated.

Pro Tip: The verification email may sometimes land in your promotions or spam folder depending on what email service provider you’re using. Please double-check these folders for the verification email, alternatively, you can also search your emails for the following:

Step 4: Upon gaining access to your ‘Rewards Page’ you’re immediately shown the ‘Customize invite link’ prompt as seen in the example below:

Tip: Since you’re now at your ‘Rewards Page’ feel free to check any rewards you have earned so far.

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