What is the Invite Customer Feature

The Invite Customer Feature allows you to invite past customers and automatically enroll them as advocates in your referral program.

Note: This article includes steps on how to invite customers to your referral program using ReferralCandy's postman service. If you wish to send the invite via Klaviyo, follow this article instead.

Part I - Upload or import email addresses

There are 3 ways to add customers to your referral program

  1. Import From Mailchimp - This lets you import a list of contacts from Mailchimp. If you have not connected your Mailchimp account to ReferralCandy, you will be asked to log in to Mailchimp first. You will be prompted to select the Mailchimp list you wish to add to your referral program.

2. Upload A CSV - This allows you to upload a list of customers you wish to invite to your campaign.

The CSV file should follow the following format: You can also download a sample file here.

  1. Column 1 should be first_name or First Name

  2. Column 2 should be last_name or Last Name

  3. Column 3 should be email or Email

  4. Column 4 should be locale (optional)*

*Note: If you use multiple languages, do consider using locale when uploading CSV to make sure customers receive the email in the correct language.

3. Add A Customer By Email - This is a great way to invite a small batch of contacts you wish to enroll to your referral program, or if you wish to send a test email to your email address.

Note: Your contacts will not automatically receive an email after importing them to the dashboard. Proceed to the next step to send an email to imported contacts.

Part 2 - Sending the invite email from ReferralCandy

  1. Ensure that the box next to Send an invite email from ReferralCandy is ticked. You also have the option to preview the email your contacts are going to receive before sending it.

    Once you are good to go, click Import and Invite

  2. You will see a pop-up message to confirm the action. If you wish to proceed, click Send Now.

    3. This process may take up to 24 hours to complete. Refresh the page to confirm the progress.

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