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Setting up coupon rewards (Shopify and BigCommerce users only)
Setting up coupon rewards (Shopify and BigCommerce users only)

How to update reward settings for Advocate and Referred Friend coupons

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ReferralCandy auto-generates coupon codes for Shopify and BigCommerce merchants who choose this reward type for their referral program.

Learn how to create filtered views to better manage ReferralCandy coupon codes on your Shopify Discounts page here.

Setting up the coupon reward

Configuring the coupon reward is the same for both the Advocate Reward and Friend Offer.

  1. On the dashboard, go to Campaigns > All Campaigns > select your campaign.

  2. Go to Rewards and click the Advocate Reward or Friend Offer tab.

  3. Choose Coupon.

  4. Enter the discount amount or percentage, the minimum order required, and the coupon expiry.

  5. (Shopify only) Select which PRODUCT COLLECTIONS the coupon can be applied to.

  6. Click Save Changes.

Shopify coupon settings

Discount combinations

Shopify merchants can allow the coupon reward to be combined with product, order, and shipping discounts. Once this is updated, new coupons created for your Shopify store will reflect the discount combinations you set in ReferralCandy.

  1. On the Rewards page, click the Advocate Reward or Friend Offer tab.

  2. Choose Coupon.

  3. In the Combinations section, select the discount type(s) that the coupon reward can be combined with:

    1. Product discounts

    2. Order discounts

    3. Shipping discounts

  4. Click Save Changes.

Enabling coupon for subscription apps

If you are using a subscription app, you can toggle the Enable coupon for subscription apps on to allow coupons to be used on subscription products. Learn more

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