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Running your referral program in an unsupported language?
Running your referral program in an unsupported language?
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ReferralCandy supports 15 languages so you can run your referral program in the language that your customers are most familiar with.

The latest list of available languages can be found here.

Run your referral program in an unsupported language

If you want to run your referral program in a language that we don't support, please follow the instructions shown below.

You can "map" the unsupported language to one of the existing templates by following these steps:

  1. Go to your campaign's Languages settings and tick any language that you will not be using in your referral program (e.g. Russian).

    Tip: Select the language closest to the unsupported language you want to use. E.g. Brazilian-Portuguese for Portuguese

  2. Go to the Emails & Pages section of your campaign.

  3. Find your currently selected theme and click Edit, then click the Content tab. This tab will enable you to edit core referral emails that your customers receive.

  4. Click Edit All Text at the bottom of the page to see and edit all email templates available.

  5. Select the language you previously added in the Language dropdown options.

  6. Edit the email templates you wish to send out to your customers in the language you intend to use. Once done, don't forget to click Save.

Note: Since we don't fully support the language that you are using, some system error messages will be displayed in the language you selected (i.e. Russian in this example).

Shopify merchants

Due to the nature in which Shopify relays the assigned locales of your customers to ReferralCandy, you will not be able to run your referral program in an unsupported language.

For example, if you'd like to run a referral program in let's say: Korean (Unsupported)

  1. Upon purchase, a customer has chosen the language Korean in Shopify.

  2. Shopify then relays the customer's locale over to ReferralCandy.

  3. ReferralCandy creates an Advocate account but cannot process the customer's given locale (unsupported), so instead defaults the Advocate to your ReferralCandy account's "Default Store Language."

The workaround to map an unsupported language will only work if you're able to send us the locale of the proxied/mapped-out language.

Note: You will still need to manually add translations in your Emails & Pages.

To learn more about using multiple languages in your referral program, check out the following articles:

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